About Us

We are a company specializing in Hotel Management and Consulting.

We appreciate and respect the fact that each hotel has an individual flair and character. At the same time, however, it has to adjust to modern requirements and market demands in order to exploit the property's maximum potential by combining high profitability, streamlined and smooth performance, growing investment returns, as well as guests' satisfaction. Today's traveling public has high expectations and is better equipped to compare and evaluate accommodations. Our professional staff has the ability to see unique opportunities and challenges that help hotel enterprises to enhance enterprise value and optimize their competitive edge.

Our objective is to improve the hotels' performance. Therefore, we employ state of the art techniques and methods for constantly monitoring and getting acquainted with market changes, trends that set the guests' diversified demands, global economic environment analysis, as well as the continuous operation and results' monitoring and follow up.

What we do


1. Survey and evaluate the current status of the property:

• Market position
- Status and perception of the hotel on the internet, by travel agents, tour operators and individual guests. (Analysis of guest comments over the internet and in-depth meetings with travel agents and tour operators to discuss and evaluate feedback from their clients)

• Sales techniques and contracts
- Rate policy breakdown. Official rates and current offers.
- I.D.S and G.D.S categorization
- Analysis of current tour operators' and travel agents' contract terms and policies

Daily routines and operational procedures
- Evaluation on a regular basis of day to day business regarding guests, staff and back office as well as accommodation and catering operation

Human resources
- Staff assessment using universally accepted standards

• Competition
- Research regarding nearby hotels with similar product and investigation of their market behavior.
2. Identify the property's

• Strengths & Weaknesses:

- Reputation
- Location
- Facilities
- Selling points
- Building and equipment condition and maintenance
- Staff performance
3. Examine

• Market opportunities

- Points of attraction in the vicinity
(e.g. archeological sites and/or museums, traditional villages, vineyards and wineries, theaters, festivals, night life, shopping, etc.)
- New Development features (e.g port, marina, airport or airline connection, convention center, casino, sports facilities)
- Business and Financial locations for business travelers

• Threats that might harm the investment (opening of a new hotel nearby, economic depression and decline in numbers of visitors, taxation, environmentally harmful businesses, noise producing activities, etc.)

Once the survey is completed we analyze all data and work closely with the hoteliers so that we can better understand their needs and customize our services accordingly in order to produce feasible and profitable results.






What we deliver


We base our proposals on cost effective ideas that would enhance the hotel's performance and results at a reasonable investment.

We are committed to finding strategic alternatives to complex business problems, boosting performance and maximizing value for our clients.

• A proposal for the immediate improvement of the current status of the hotel

- Rate policy and revenue management reconstruction
- New contracts with travel agents and tour operators for additional market penetration
- I.D.S and G.D.S proposals
- Website reconstruction (if necessary)
- Hotel operation and procedures' redesigning

• A long term plan for the development of the hotel, including all property aspects

- Creating a fresh concept

- Overall building modernization planning on both short and long term basis

- Introduction of new facilities and services wherever possible

- Set clear and realistic operational standards

- Staff recruitment and training

- Constant monitoring and evaluating the efficiency of the operational results.








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